Bye-bye old homepage

old inlume homepageAfter doing all website stuff with simple HTML pages since about 1996 or so, I’ve more and more noticed that it’s actually quite cumbersome to re-program the page each time I want to add something new and therefore I stopped updating it altogether.

In the last two years I’ve played around with the open-source CMS (content management system) xoops for a while and quite liked it, but it had two disadvantages: while the concept is very powerful, it is too complicated to remember and really get into quickly, the other one was that it seemed like the community is slowly moving away from it and the plugins were not updated anymore and stopped working with newer xoops releases.

After having created three different xoops sites for my family, I’ve departed from it and converted everything to WordPress. It’s an amazing program and if you are not a hardcore php-scripter, but like a modern website, I can only recommend it. It has an excellent user-interface and is very intuitive to learn. Also the library of plugins and extensions is huge and of high quality. The only disadvantage is that you have to kind of wrap your homepage around the core of it which is limiting in the layout and one has to find or create a theme which is satisfying.

While I’ve liked my old website layout, which is shown below, I enjoy the easy editing of WordPress. Now my only problem is, that I need to come up with some content to fill this page – bummer.

Bye-bye old homepage!

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